Priory Fields Primary School

Priory Fields Primary School

Start Date: Nov 2017 Duration: 7 Months Contract Value: 1.8M Location: Dover, Kent

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Priory Fields Primary School had been waiting almost four years for a new-build solution to its complex, hill-side site. When a traditional construction solution couldn’t deliver, modular expert Portakabin was appointed by the Education Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) to engineer and design a purpose built, two-form entry school, to replace the multi-level building currently in use.

Having worked on several projects with Portakabin, this one was the largest to date. We completed extensive excavation on site, enabling works, asbestos removal and the demolition of the old school.

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Phase one

During phase one, we undertook a bulk excavation of 21,000m³ of earth.

Other works included a formation of batters and temporary site roads to make ready for the installation of the building by Portakabin.

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Phase two

Phase two involved asbestos removal, the

demolition of the old school building and removal of its foundations.

Materials were crushed on site ready to be used as recycled aggregates, avoiding landfill.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony

Priory Fields Primary School grabbed some headlines at the ground-breaking ceremony.

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Priory Fields Gallery

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Priory Fields Gallery

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Priory Fields Gallery

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