School Projects

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel Primary School , Somerset

Client: Portakabin

Works completed: Bulk excavation, Enabling works, Drainage Design & Installation.

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Priory Fields Primary School, Dover

Client: Portakabin

Works completed: Excavation, Enabling works, Asbestos removal, Demolition.

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Moore House School & College, Redhill

Client: ModuleK

Works completed: Ground Works for installation of Modular Building.

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ST Mary's Convent, Worcester

Client: Enterprise Property

Works: Asbestos removal, Demolition.

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Aylesham Primary School,


Client: Portakabin

Works: Asbestos Removal, Demolition, crushing and recycling material on site.

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St Bede's Primary School,


Client: Portakabin

Works: Asbestos removal & Demolition.

Commercial Projects

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Redhill & Reigate Law courts

Client: Square One Construction

Works completed: Asbestos Removal, Strip out & Demolition.

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Audi, Wimbledon

Client: The Elliott Group

Works completed: Soft strip for refurbishment.

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Prezzo & Nando's, Greenwich

Client: Square One Construction

Works completed: Soft strip ready for refurbishment.

Residential Projects

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New Ash Green

Live Project: Conversion of a commercial property in to residential.

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Irene House

Live Project: Large strip out of large commercial.

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